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Glow Medi Spa Cosmetic Skin Services - Redefine Your Beauty

Glow Medi Spa is an upscale medical cosmetic spa clinic with two spa locations to serve you in the Greater Toronto Area, (Yorkville in downtown Toronto and Aurora). With over 15 years experience in non-surgical aesthetic services such as injectables, laser and light, anti-aging, and spa treatments, Dr. Diane Wong and the Glow Medi Spa team were voted as the Best Medi Spa in Canada and uphold a strong reputation for quality service and excellent customer satisfaction in Toronto & Aurora.
  • SPA INC. Spring 2017

    Treating Sun Damage at the Spa - Dr. Diane Wong shares her expertise with SPA Inc. in managing and treating your sun damaged skin. Treatments that are best suited for mild, moderate and severe sun damaged skin are reviewed. Read more about how you can protect and maintain optimal skin condition; along with some very helpful advise on correcting the damage already done.
  • FASHION, Note to Selfie, April 2017

    Note to Selfie....is today's technology and staying connected doing more damage to our skin than we realize? Dr. Diane Wong lends her expertise on how prevention may be the best treatment in living with daily use of computer screens, iPhones and staying up to date in today's world. "Even when you are not intentionally trying to frown, the muscles are in action and leaving residual evidence of it with the 'number 11' - leaving telltale signs of a constant frown."
  • CHATELAINE, March/April 2017

    Facing Facts on Beauty Myths - we may be good at separating beauty truths from beauty fiction, but some myths persist. Dr. Diane Wong lends her expert advice on some of those misconceptions. 'An expensive cream is better than a cheap one', is one of those myths. "As you would at the grocery store, read labels and pay attention to how much active ingredient is in the cream. Customization of the appropriate products (at appropriate times of the year) is the important thing, not the price."