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Glow Medi Spa Cosmetic Skin Services - Redefine Your Beauty

Glow Medi Spa is a beautiful medical cosmetic clinic in Yorkville, Toronto providing you with comfortable, customized cosmetic care. With over 14 years experience in non-surgical aesthetic services such as injectibles, laser and light, anti-aging, and spa treatments, Dr. Diane Wong and the Glow Medi Spa team in Toronto were voted as the Best Medi Spa in Canada and uphold a strong reputation for quality service and excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Dr. Diane Wong featured in PULSE Magazine, July 2015

    Pulse is the official publication of the International Spa Association (ISPA). The ISPA definition of a medical spa is strict: "A facility that has a full-time licensed health-care professional on site, which is further defined as a health professional who has earned a degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). As a Canadian member of ISPA, Dr. Wong shares her insight into the medical spa industry and discusses some of the trends in this dynamic field of medicine.
  • Glow Medi Spa is once again recognized as one of the Leading Spas of Canada

    Check out Glow Medi Spa in the 2015 Directory of Leading Spas of Canada. As one of the Leading Spas of Canada, Glow Medi Spa adheres to a stringent set of Standards & Practices and to the Association's Code of Ethics. This commitment distinguishes Glow Medi Spa for excellence in medical spa services and operations in North America and in the world. Call us at 416-920-9998 to book your appointment today.
  • Dr. Diane Wong featured in Fashion Magazine, Summer 2015

    Dr. Wong shares her expertise on cosmetic medical treatments to get the best looking legs for summer. She discusses the science of laser hair removal using different wavelengths to target various types of hair with careful consideration of skin type. Also, she highlights the best treatments for spider veins, scars, and stretch marks. Get your legs summer ready at Glow Medi Spa!