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Glow Medi Spa is an upscale medical cosmetic spa clinic with two spa locations to serve you in the Greater Toronto Area, (Yorkville in downtown Toronto and Aurora). With over 15 years experience in non-surgical aesthetic services such as injectables, laser and light, anti-aging, and spa treatments, Dr. Diane Wong and the Glow Medi Spa team were voted as the Best Medi Spa in Canada and uphold a strong reputation for quality service and excellent customer satisfaction in Toronto & Aurora.
  • BEST HEALTH, November/December 2016

    "I want to try a cosmetic procedure, but I'm nervous, is this normal?" Dr. Diane Wong answers this question for clients who are having a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the first time. "I find that many women are nervous the first time they come in. Usually, they are worried about the treatment outcome, afraid that they won't look like themselves or that they will look 'done' or 'overdone' and others will know that they did something." Dr. Wong takes a "baby steps" approach to treatments; taking it slow and keeping it natural so you look your "natural best".
  • CONGRATULATIONS Glow Medi Spa! Winner of a 2016 Canadian Spa & Wellness Award

    We are proud to announce that Glow Medi Spa has been chosen as one of the Top 25 Spas in Canada! This 2016 Canadian Spa & Wellness Award, presented by Spa Inc. and the Spa Industry Association of Canada (SIAC) signifies our commitment to providing superior quality and the highest standard of care within Canada’s spa and wellness industry. Thank you to all our valued clients for their continued support and for making this significant achievement possible.
  • ELLE - Needlework, The New Rules for Injectables - November 2016

    Dr. Diane Wong shares her experience and thoughts on cosmetic injectables with Elle Canada and explains why more and more, clients are starting earlier to take a proactive approach. For many of her clients, "They're starting to realize that it's much easier to prevent wrinkles than treat them once they are there. Once the skin actually creases [deeply], it’s much harder to reverse the lines.” Read more about Carli's first visit to have injectable treatments with Dr. Wong and why she is thrilled that "by the time you read this article, my creases will still be MIA".