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Botox®, Neuromodulator

Botox® is a prescription drug that is regulated by Health Canada and patients must be seen by a physician prior to receiving Botox® treatments. It helps to relax muscles and gives a more refreshed and well-rested appearance.

Dr. Wong and her Registered Nurses fully assess each client’s own individual facial features and listen to each client’s desires and expectations. Treatments are customized to each client.

At Glow Medi Spa, we pride ourselves on achieving natural-looking results using a "baby steps approach". If you prefer a gradual enhancement, we will take things one baby step at a time.  We want you to be completely comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied and encourage you to take part in developing your treatment plan. We want you to be completely comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied. Our goal is to have you look and feel your natural best.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Dr. Wong has been an advanced injector for over 15 years and has long been recognized as one of the top Botox and Juvederm injectors in Canada.  She utilizes the most advanced techniques and regularly participates in the highest level educational seminars and clinical workshops. She supervises and trains her Registered Nurses to carry out the same top level of quality service with excellent results and high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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