Laser Spider Vein Treatments

Unwanted facial or leg veins may be best treated with Sclerotherapy, IPL or BBL, laser vein treatments, or a combination of treatments.

Lasers and light-based treatments such as IPL or BBL create heat within the veins causing them to constrict (shrink) and improve visible vessels, spider veins, broken capillaries and vascular lesions. In comparison, Sclerotherapy involves injecting a small amount of saline (salt) and dextroxe (sugar) solution into the vein to cause irritation and subsequent vein constriction.

The choice of treatment for facial or leg veins is highly dependent on the size and depth of the vein and its location. It also depends upon skin type (based on colour of the skin and ethnicity) and tanning of the skin which must be evaluated carefully.

Dr. Diane Wong and her Registered Nurses are very skilled in both Laser Vein treatments and Sclerotherapy which is important since a combination approach is often optimal.  Based on their experience in both treatments, they are particularly skilled at determining the optimal treatment for even the most stubborn veins.

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