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Laser Skin Tag and Mole Removal

Skin tags and moles can be both unsightly as well as bothersome. The lesions can be removed with either a “cold freeze” (cryotherapy) or more precisely with lasers. It gives the skin a smoother look and feel.

The choice of treatment for skin tags and moles is highly dependent on the size, depth, appearance, and location of the lesion.  Most lesions respond to lasers or Cryotherapy.  Lasers emit one specific wavelength of energy which travels into the lesion to a specified depth and cause the lesion to contract/shrink.  Cryotherapy creates a “cold freeze” which also causes them to shrink but may affect the surrounding skin.  Recently, more advanced technology now enable us to be more precise than in the past with cryotherapy.
If the lesion is very large or suspicious in appearance, it may require a biopsy or excision (surgery) and Dr. Diane Wong will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Dr. Wong has carefully selected a specific laser for skin tag and mole removal treatments at her clinic. This 532nm laser is a very powerful laser that has a pinpoint treatment spot which can treat the lesions effectively without affecting the surrounding skin. It also has a powerful magnification system so that even the smallest lesions can be visualized and treated. We are able to treat lesions of various sizes and colours (including clear moles) and on clients of all skin types. Most areas of the face and body can be treated.


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