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Glow Express Peel Boutique

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Glow Express Peel Boutique

8500 Warden Avenue

Glow Express Peel Boutique

Glow Medi Spa is proud to announce we now offer express facials and peels in Dr. Wong's Glow Peel Boutique.

Right alongside our full service Glow Medi Spa, our new peel boutique will offer efficient and effective lunch-time peels and facials. Geared towards our busy hotel and conference guests and local residents in Markham who are looking for top quality service and products, this spectacular inviting space will surely draw you in, providing the perfect glow-on-the-go.

Coupled with an extravagant retail area, with “Dr. Wong’s Exclusive Picks”, our trendy new boutique will meet all your regular beauty needs. Drop-ins are welcome. All Express Peels and Facials at the Glow Peel Boutique are only $99 and include a skin analysis and consultation, a 30-minute results-oriented, customized peel or facial, followed by a complimentary makeup touch-up.

Call 905-470-8522 to book an appointment today.

(At Glow, we also offer Advanced Facials)

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Glow Express Peel Boutique

Our new peel boutique will offer efficient and effective lunch-time peels and facials.

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