This medical skin condition typically presents with flushing, redness, dilated vessels, and/or acne-like pustules. It is more common in women, age 30-50, and affects the central face. The most effective treatment is IPL.

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a medical skin condition that typically affects the central face in fair skinned women age 30-50 years old.  It can present with flushing, redness, “broken capillaries” or dilated vessels, pustules or papules (red bumps that look like acne), skin irritation, a bulbous nose (enlarged red nose typically in men only) or a combination of symptoms.  There are varying degrees of Rosacea so it may not always present in the same manner. It is one of the most common conditions that we treat. Dr. Diane Wong, MD will assess clients at Glow Medi Spa with vascular symptoms and help determine the optimal treatment plan.

What are the Treatment Options for Acne Rosacea at Glow Medi Spa?
There are various treatment options available and usually a combination of proper skin care products to calm the skin and a laser or light based treatment to constrict the dilated vessels work best.  Rosacea clients often have red, irritated skin and it tends to be dry and sensitive as well.  A skin care consult can help to determine the right products to calm the skin and improve the skin quality to augment other treatments.

At Glow Medi Spa, our most common treatment for Rosacea is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation.  Clients are pleased with the rapid improvement in the redness, flushing, and “broken capillaries” or dilated vessels.  

Come in for a consultation and see what a positive difference treatment of Rosacea can make for you.  

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