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Crepey Skin

Aging can cause our skin to feel thin, like paper or crepe. Crepey skin commonly affects mature skin and is a common complaint, especially in the neck, hands and décolletage. Several options for treatment are available.

At Glow Medi Spa, the most effective treatments include lasers and light-based treatments such as: Laser Photorejuvenation, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and Fraxel Dual Laser Treatments. 

To treat mild crepiness, superficial skin treatments such as Microdermabraion and Chemical Peels may be effective. Combining TriPollar Maximus Radio-Frequency (RF) improves the results achieved since the heat from the RF tightens and tones the skin as well. 

Prevention of further sun damage is an important adjunct to treatments as well as using the proper skin care products to maintain the results of treatments done.

For crepey skin on the hands, dermal fillers can also be used to replace lost volume which decreases the signs of crepey skin. It also helps to hid large bulging veins and tendon on the hands. 

Come in for a consultation to see what a positive difference our customized treatments for crepey skin can make for you.