Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are essential for our optimal health. Getting nutrients through an intravenous drip, your digestive system is bypassed, thus allowing for higher levels of nutrients to be delivered to your cells via the bloodstream. Those who suffer from inflammation, malabsorption and digestive concerns would particularly benefit from this method.

Recycles anti-oxidants, decreases inflammation, acts as a booster to your immune system, protects the liver, and increases energy. Great for detoxification and cleansing!

What does Glutathione do for the skin? It will lighten your skin by controlling the production of melanin. Results can be seen within a few weeks after your first session. Additionally, it will improve the appearance of acne scarring and increase the production of collagen.

Myers Cocktail
Almost all patients can benefit from a Meyers Cocktail IV. Myers cocktail is a special mix of vitamins and minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C and B Vitamins) and is essential for a quick recovery or for support of chronic conditions.

JANUARY INTRODUCTORY OFFER for Glutathione and Myers Cocktail

INITIAL VISIT: $150.00 + tax (regular $220.00 + tax)

Package of 10 $1200 + tax (value $2200 + tax)