Fleet Street Mag – October 2017

“Rosacea is one of the primary diagnoses I would consider for clients who flush easily and have redness after exertion,” says Dr. Wong about redness after exercise.

What Post-Workout Redness Reveals About Your Skin
By Caitlin Agnew 
Dr. Diane Wong’s tips for minimizing post-workout redness:
  •  Exercise in a well-ventilated room that isn’t stuffy
  • If training outside, wear SPF and go in the early morning or evening, when the temperature’s lower
  • Stay hydrated; drink 10-12 cups of water every day
  • Cool down post-workout: apply a cold towel to your nape, use an ice cube on your neck or wrists, and splash water on your face
  • Avoid caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol since they’ll spike blood flow
  • Use skincare with anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea extract 

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