Chatelaine, March 2017 – Skincare Myths

Facing Facts on Beauty Myths - we may be good at separating beauty truths from beauty fiction, but some myths persist. Dr. Diane Wong lends her expert advice on some of those misconceptions.


An expensive cream is better than a cheap one

“I’m so surprised at what people will shell out for certain creams,” says cosmetic physician Dr. Diane Wong of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto. (She blames branding and marketing for the high price tags.) Wong recommends scheduling regular consultations with a dermatologist to find out which ingredients your skin needs at which times of the year. As you would at the grocery store, read labels and pay attention to how much of each active ingredient is in the cream. “Customization of the appropriate products is the most important thing, not the price,” Wong says.

If your mother aged well, so will you
What your mama gave you is a huge factor in aging, but so are your lifestyle choices. “My mother has beautiful skin because she grew up in Asia, where it was fashionable to carry an umbrella,” says Wong. While UV rays may be the biggest contributor to skin aging, influences like stress, sleep, diet, smoking and pollution can make you age in ways your mom didn’t. 

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