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Dr. Wong shares her expertise on cosmetic medical treatments to get the best looking legs for summer. She discusses the science of laser hair removal using different wavelengths to target various types of hair with careful consideration of skin type. Also, she highlights the best treatments for spider veins, scars, and stretch marks. Get your legs summer ready at Glow Medi Spa!

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The beauty equivalent of a Taylor Swift song, laser hair removal is for when you never, ever, ever want to get back together with your body hair. "There is a wide variety of methods for laser hair removal, and the type of laser depends on the skin and hair type," explains Dr. Diane Wong owner of Toronto's Glow Medi Spa. These hair removal systems use a laser or intense pulses of light to deliver heat to the roots of the hair follicles during their growth cycles, destroying them over six to eight sessions, four to six weeks apart. Wong warns against over-the-counter topical numbing creams, which can cause toxicity if you apply them too liberally - which is especially easy to do, considering the surface area of the leg (even if you don't have Swift's stems).


Treatments and tips for troubled spots.


"They're more visible, so they bother women more than bigger varicose veins," says Toronto cosmetic physician Dr. Diane Wong of the red and purple veins that resemble exploding fireworks. At her practice, Glow Medi Spa, Wong performs sclerotherapy, in which a tiny needle injects a salt and sugar solution into the veins, causing it to collapse. You may want to hold off until summer's over, though, as the needle can cause slight bruising and you may require from two to eight treatments, spaced two weeks apart. 


Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment, which is a laser that treats skin deep in the dermal layer, has had "tremendous results with any type of scars," says Wong.


"With stretch marks there is hypopigmentation - the pigment is gone," explains Wong. "It's very hard to say you can use a cream to help the stretch marks, because there's nothing that will give you back that pigment." Treatments like the new VoluDerm, which combines radio frequency, galvanic energy and microneedling, won't bring back the pigment either, but they will "create a fading and an evening in the consistency of the skin."

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