The Kit, Summer 2014

The Kit, Toronto Star, July 2014, Summer Body Tune-up - Pollogen Treatments

How it works: It doesn’t get easier (or more painless) than this: you lie down while the device is guided over the tummy area. “This radio-frequency electricity causes non-destructive deep-tissue heating to reduce fat,” says cosmetic physician Dr. Diane Wong, who offers the treatment at her Toronto clinic. “It also stimulates and even regenerates the deep collagen, which contributes to tissue tightening.”

By Jill Dunn

Thursday, July 17th, 2014


From skimpy sundresses to swimsuits, there’s plenty to feel self-conscious about when it comes to summer. But help is at hand: We quizzed dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons about the next generation of pro body treatments to help you to rock four of the season’s less-forgiving key pieces.

To rock:

The Crop Top

You want: A FLAT TUMMY

If you cringe at the thought of putting your midriff on display because of jelly belly, you may want to zap it.

The doctor’s office fix:
Pollogen radio-frequency treatments that target tummy fat deep below the surface.

How it works: It doesn’t get easier (or more painless) than this: you lie down while the device is guided over the tummy area. “This radio-frequency electricity causes non-destructive deep-tissue heating to reduce fat,” says cosmetic physician Dr. Diane Wong, who offers the treatment at her Toronto clinic. “It also stimulates and even regenerates the deep collagen, which contributes to tissue tightening.”

Who it’s best for: Those with a muffin top, not a spare tire. “It is ideal for someone who follows a healthy diet and has a good existing exercise regimen,” says Dr. Wong. It’s common to see a 2.5 centimetre reduction in circumference after one treatment; our tester found her tummy was trimmed by 3 centimetres.

Who should skip it: Pregnant women, people who are obese and those with significant illnesses like lymphoma, liver cirrhosis or hepatitis.

Downtime/drawbacks: No downtime or pain, but it’s not a substitute for sit-ups.

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