The Toronto Star, The Kit, March 2013, Beauty or Bust

Dr. Diane Wong is featured in The Toronto Star, The Kit, in the article "Beauty or Bust" by Chantel Guertin. Chantel explores the question, "When it comes to primping, is there such a thing as too much, or should looking good come at any cost?" Dr. Wong describes the changing world of Medi-Spas, now offering a wider variety of treatments, and as a result seeing clients more often and younger than in the past.

By Chantel Guertin


"Dr. Diane Wong, owner and founder of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto says esthetic treatments have become a normal part of beauty regimens. Five years ago, clients would visit once or twice a year. In the past year, that's increased to once every month or two; if they're starting a treatment, they're in every week. And we're starting younger. "Ten years ago, most of my clients were 50-60 years old," Wong says. "Now most are 30 to 50. Younger clients tend to come in more frequently, and build it into their work schedules."

One started visiting eight years ago, at age 35, for Botox. Now, her treatment plan includes Botox every three months; dermal fillers every nine months; Intense Pulsed Light every three weeks for three treatments plus maintenance once or twice a year; a fat reduction and skin tightening procedure once a week for six treatments, then once every four months; Fraxel Dual Laser for post-surgery scars every month for six treatments; and chemical peels. Top that up with medical-grade skin care products she purchases every three to four months to maintain results. She'll add facials and massages every few months. "She recently asked if she could rent a room and move in, she's here so often."

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