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Beautygeeks, September 2012, I Got a TIFF Facial

...but when TIFF began, I opted instead for the Oxy Trio Treatment at Glow Medi Spa in Yorkville. Glow Medi Spa owner and medical director Diane Wong is a steel trap when it comes to her client list.

by Janine Falcon on 28 September 2012


Glow Medi Spa owner and medical director Diane Wong is a steel trap when it comes to her client list. All I could find out is that many of Toronto’s more visible personalities — including unnamed news anchors — are fans of the Oxy Trio Treatment, which promises to “oxygenate” skin and leave it glowing for one to four weeks.

I got four weeks of glow so great that I didn’t need even BB cream.

geeky Oxy Trio Treatment details

The Oxy Trio Treatment is categorized as a “medical-grade” facial. That means it’s not quite as pampering or relaxing as a spa facial can be. Instead it’s about quite active ingredients, and sometimes a little sting as exfoliating ingredients go to work. The first part of this one is an exfoliating mask that includes fumaric acid and niacin to get the circulation going. My skin was a bit on the sensitive side (and I’d accidentally exfoliated in the AM), so Gabriela started me off with a PCA Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask, a more gentle formula.

The second part of the treatment is the “detoxyfing” stage, a massage treatment that incorporates Hydrolyzed Candida Saitoana Extract, a yeast derivative that boosts the skin’s own detox process, says Dr. Wong.

The third part is all about stimulating oxygen circulation. The mask/massage features low doses of hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, retinyl palmitate, salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which, Dr. Wong points out, are also great for treating and purifying acne-plagued skin. I can’t lie — I felt a bit of sting. But the final step in this part is a facial massage with a calming, antioxidant-rich hydrating gel, which soothed my skin very quickly.

post-treatment glow

I was warned my skin would be quite rosy after the treatment; it was. Quite. But I felt no discomfort post-facial, and the redness faded within a few hours. And in the weeks that followed, my complexion was smooth, bouncy, and — well, radiant. Without makeup.

My skin hasn’t looked that great since I was working out nearly daily, eating super healthily, drinking tons of water, and regularly getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep. So naturally, the Oxy Trio Treatment at Glow Medi Spa is high on my list as a must-do when I need my skin to look many years younger than it is. Many years. (Also on my list: the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials Madonna loves so much.)

Actually, my skin wanted to write this post, which frightened me a bit because the last time it did such a thing, it tore a strip off me. But I needn’t have worried — turns out that when it’s deliriously happy, my skin isn’t keen on actually doing any work. Sheesh.

• • • • •

Oxy Trio Treatment at Glow Medi Spa, $175.