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The Grid does TIFF, September 2012, How to… spa like a movie star. Hot Spots

Feeling as tense as Kristen Stewart on a red carpet with Robert Pattinson? Check out the influx of top-tier R&R spots that have landed in town just in time for TIFF. Glow Medi Spa is in Yorkville, so you never know who you'll run into.

Tue Sep 4, 2012

BY: Paul Aguirre-Livingston


Where: Glow Medi Spa, 129 Yorkville Avenue (#YRV)

What: TIFF Oxy Trio Treatment

When: Now until September 30 (great if you’re feeling haggard, post-fest)

The scene-stealer: Book this limited-run, three-part, hour-long power treatment that includes exfoliation, oxygenating therapy, and a facial treatment. The special makes use of the Physician’s Choice of America’s (PCA) Oxygenating Therapy Treatment, combined with gentle exfoliation and relaxing massage techniques. There’s also a papaya mask with honey and fruit extracts.

How much: $145

Pairs with: It’s the sort of thing you would totally expect Canada’s favourite girl Sarah Gadon to get this before her Jason Reitman-directed reading of American Beauty. Also advisable if you’re tagging along to a film fest party, but give yourself at least 12 hours before looking into a camera. Voted “Canada’s Best Medi Spa” by Glow magazine, the 4,000-square-foot space is in Yorkville, so you never know who you’ll run into.