Real Style Magazine

Real Style Network, July 2012

Lasers Done Right At Toronto’s Glow Medi Spa

The new space of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto is impressive. Large, airy rooms furnished with many types of  lasers exude the promise of youthful and rejuvenated skin. Just how effective can the new lasers be in skin care? Dr. Diane C. Wong, the founder of the medi-spa, said that she tries the lasers on herself to test them. Judging by her skin and youthful looks- she is 45 and looks 35- we would say the lasers work very well. Dr. Wong has been a cosmetic physician for the last 10 years specializing in Botox, fillers and lasers to improve the appearance and texture of both young and seasoned skin.

A self proclaimed ’clean freak’, Dr. Wong said she scrutinizes all her equipment and treatment rooms before and after treatments. So you might ask, doesn’t everyone? Apparently not. With the advent of new cheaper non invasive procedures, it seems like almost anyone can hang out a shingle promoting the new cosmetic procedures- even lasers. And this is how people can get hurt. Laser burns with inexperienced technicians in an non-medically supervised facility, botox injections gone wrong, bumpy skin due to fillers are a part of almost daily occurrence in this largely unregulated industry. Not a smart move. Why gamble with your skin to save a few bucks?

Dr. Wong had another warning for first time laser and non-invasive cosmetic procedure users. “Don’t run after every new thing that comes on the market” she said ” See the results and do your research”. We don’t know about you, but in a laser and cosmetic treatment toss up, we would pick a doctor who tries the procedures on herself  before any other self proclaimed specialist!