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More Magazine, April 2012, In the Neck Of Time

Dr. Wong suggests Radio-Frequency for tightening skin under the chin and on the neck. For crepey skin, Laser Photorejuvenation.

By Beth Thompson, beauty editor 

It's the scream heard around the world, occurring precisely when you look in the mirror and see your mom's neck staring back. But that's where the similarities to mother dearest end. Her solution was limited to hide-and-seek - hide behind a scarf or seek surgery. Today, there's extensive choice - thanks to technological advances and consumer demand for treatments involving less cost, risk and downtime. Declining collagen, the environment and gravity all contribute to the saggy, creepy skin changes that appear in your forties, notes Diane Wong medical director of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto. But they can be offset using non-invasive therapies. Radio frequency is suggested for tightening skin under the chin. "This is great for forty-something women because their collagen is easy to stimulate," says Wong. For crepey skin, she used laser photorejuvination. "Women instantly see a difference. I call it the lunchtime neck lift."