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August New Product - Margaret Dabbs Hands & Feet Care Products

Glow Medi Spa is proud to introduce the Margaret Dabbs line of products for our Medical Pedicure and Manicure treatments.
Margaret Dabbs is a UK-based podiatrist whose clinic rose to fame after she pioneered the “medical pedicure”. Developed through years of experience, this range of organic emu oil products have the unique feature of being both treatment remedies and luxurious beautifying products.

Also come and experience a unique pampering manicure and pedicure treatment focused on providing you the highest quality of service and products while surpassing hygienic standards to keep your hands, feet and nails in optimal condition.

Call us at 416-920-9998 to find out more about our complete new range of products available at Glow Beauty Bar, a division of Glow Medi Spa.