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Keeping you up to date on the latest services, technologies, products and information

At Glow Medi Spa we are committed to providing the very best in this very dynamic field of non-surgical, cosmetic medical treatments. We will always keep you informed and looking your best. Check here monthly for the latest and greatest at Glow Medi Spa.
  • SPA INC. Spring 2017

    Treating Sun Damage at the Sea - Dr. Diane Wong shares her expertise with SPA Inc. in managing and treating your sun damaged skin. Treatments that are best suited for mild, moderate and severe sun damaged skin are reviewed. Read more about how you can protect and maintain optimal skin condition; along with some very helpful advise on correcting the damage already done.
  • Introducing BABOR AGE ID MAKE UP

    Make-Up based on skincare research - BABOR AGE ID MAKE UP is now available at Glow Medi Spa. BABOR’s skincare experts have naturally ensured that the products not only hide minor flaws but also contain the most effective anti-aging active ingredients. High performance active ingredients are combined with sophisticated make-up textures to provide an instantly lifting effect; youthful radiance; and long-lasting anti-aging effect.

    Come in and try these new foundations with ultra-modern textures, which range from creamy and moisturizing through to feather - light serum foundations.

  • DOCTOR BABOR REFINE CELLULAR has introduced 4 new products!

    Taking it one step further, Glow Medi Spa now has available to you new products that will address skin concerns experienced by many! The DOCTOR BABOR REFINE CELLULAR BALANCING LIQUID to regulate, calm and strengthen your skin; PORE REFINER to minimize pores and even your complexion; COUPEROSE CREAM to balance and even skin tone; and COUPEROSE DUAL SOLUTION to reduce and conceal redness.