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At Glow Medi Spa we are committed to providing the very best in this very dynamic field of non-surgical, cosmetic medical treatments. We will always keep you informed and looking your best. Check here monthly for the latest and greatest at Glow Medi Spa.
  • ALUMIER MD has arrived at Glow Medi Spa

    Selected because of its extensive experience and commitment to the science behind great skin, Glow Medi Spa is excited to introduce to its clients - Alumier MD. This comprehensive medical skin care line includes state of the art science-based, luxurious formulations with innovative delivery systems that will assist us to deliver results for our clients, both with professional treatments and home care.

    Ask our skincare specialists if Alumier MD is right for you!

  • BEST HEALTH, November/December 2016

    Dr. Diane Wong shares her best advice for women who are having a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the first time. "I find that many women are nervous the first time they come in. Usually, they are worried about the treatment outcome, afraid that they won't look like themselves or that they will look 'done' or 'overdone' and others will know that they did something." Dr. Wong takes a "baby steps" approach to treatments; taking it slow and keeping it natural so you are looking like yourself. Rest assured most people say that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be after their initial treatment.
  • SPA'S INC - Winter 2016-17 ~ 2016 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards

    Glow Medi Spa has been chosen as one of the Top 25 Spas in the 2016 Canadian Spa & Wellness Awards, presented by Spa Inc. and the Spa Industry Association of Canada (SIAC)! This award signifies our commitment to providing superior quality and the highest standard of care within Canada’s spa and wellness industry. Thank you to all our valued clients for their continued support; to those who voted for us, and for making this possible.