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April Promotions

Glow Medi Spa has treatments and products on promotion every month that keep you looking your natural best! Call us at 416.920.9998 (Yorkville) and 905-726-9333 (Aurora) to book your appointment. Check this page regularly for Glow Medi Spa's enticing monthly promotions on products, medical skin treatments, and spa services....to Redefine Your Beauty.
  • DOCTOR BABOR Cellular Renewal Skin Treatment

    For intense skin renewal and regeneration of tired, dull and uneven complexion - DOCTOR BABOR Cellular Renewal Skin Treatment. for smoother and more even texture; refine pores and reveal a more radiant and healthy complexion.

    DOCTOR BABOR cosmeceuticals offer precise solutions for every beauty concern. With innovative high-performance formulations combining the latest botanical and high-tech active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets the highest standards when it comes to effective and immediate results. The result: visibly improved, youthful, fresh-looking skin.

    APRIL PROMOTION: 15% off all Babor Therapy Facials

    Series Promotion available for the Therapeutic Facial Package (6) for the month of April.
  • DOCTOR BABOR Refine Cellular - For a Perfectly Even Complexion

    Discover DOCTOR BABOR REFINE CELLULAR for dull, tired skin an uneven complexion. DOCTOR BABOR and the highly effective cosmeceutical line of REFINE CELLULAR products provide the perfect remedy - Correcting, Renewing and Refining.

    REFINE CELLULAR products specialize in activating the skin renewal process and vitalizing the skin. Refining the skin structure and balance out any unevenness. Stabilize sensitive skin and counteract redness. Bring out the very best of You with DOCTOR BABOR.

    - Detox Lipo Cleanser
    - A16 Booster Concentrate
    - Rebalancing Liquid - NEW!
    - Detox Vitamin Cream
    - Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules
    - Pore Refiner - NEW!
    - AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel
    - Anti-Couperose Cream - NEW!
    - Couperose Dual Solution - NEW!
  • Get Ready for Spring with Photorejuvenation

    Just in time for Spring! Experience our advanced IPL/BBL Photorejuvenation Treatments. Leading the way in skin rejuvenation with clinically effective results! Treatments available for your face, neck, hands, and chest; targeting vascular and pigmented lesions - both red and brown spots, rosacea, sun damage, lines, wrinkles, and anti-aging treatments.

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    Special treatment prices: Now 10% off single treatments. Special package promotion will be available for the month of April.