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Glow Magazine's Best Medi-Spa 2010 - December 2010

The country's top relaxation retreats and treatments as chosen by the editors at Glow Magazine.
Glow's Annual Spa Guide 2010
Also published in Chatelaine.com
By Beth Thompson


Best Medi-Spa
Glow Medi Spa
70 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON

You had me at hello…

Cosmetic physician Diane Wong is the owner of Glow Medi Spa – an established business in the heart of Toronto – and she’s engaging from the get-go. There are a couple of things I love about this spa, and they both revolve around Wong. She’s a walking advertisement for natural-looking beauty, and she personally performs all injections for Botox and fillers herself, so you know that you’re getting the best service. And her mission is simple: Help women look their best, not different. To that end, each treatment plan is tailored. “We take pride in how we educate our clients on all available options,” she says. “We work closely with you to build a trusting relationship so that you can make the decision on what best suits your needs, budget, schedule and desired results. I don’t want to give anyone that scary Hollywood look; I just want to help women look better. If you look better, you’re more confident and happier.” And, because she is a physician, Wong’s range of services offer higher concentrations of active ingredients than you would find over the counter or at a cosmetic spa (for example, her glycolic chemical peels are 30 percent or higher versus the under-10 percent you’d get elsewhere), and that means more dramatic results for you. Glow’s well-rounded menu includes Fraxel laser treatments and skin resurfacing, photorejuvenation (intense pulsed laser), laser hair removal, laser spider-vein treatments and sclerotherapy.