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Zoomer Magazine, March 2016, ZOOM IN Beauty. Freshen up: Spring clean your makeup, skin- and hair-care routines.

Dr. Wong shares her insight for ladies as they go through menopause. "Keep Calm and Carry On!" Great advice for ladies as during the aging process, you will notice changes in the quality of your skin - "It thins so you'll see more of the facial vessels we call telangiectasis, resulting in more visible redness". A steady diet of anti-inflammatory omega-3 rich foods boosts the skin's barrier function and calms redness.



Spring clean your makeup, skin- and
hair-care routines with this 
handy tip sheet.


By: Liza Herz



Keep Calm and Carry On “At menopause, skin changes quality,” says Toronto’s Dr. Diane Wong of Glow Medi Spa. “It thins so you’ll see more of the facial vessels which we call telangiectasia, resulting in more visible redness.” In addition to a steady diet of anti-inflammatory omega-3 rich salmon and walnuts to boost the skin’s barrier function and calm redness, choose products with soothing ingredients to strengthen skin and calm inflammation.


Feed Your Face While sunscreen is the best “ounce of prevention” anti-ager there is, “Free radicals in the air negatively affect the skin by destroying collagen and elastin,” says Wong. An antioxidant loaded serum or moisturizer protects from both the sun’s UV rays as well as external aggressors like car exhaust, cigarette smoke and pollution.


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